2. Feasibility Study

Type Name Description Size
WordIcon Feasibility Study Report TEMPLATE To be used in the Feasibility Study Stage 360KB
WordIcon Biosecurity prevention trip checklist TEMPLATE To be used in the Operational Planning Stage 157KB
Worked Example
Type Name Description Size
pdfIcon(copy) Feasbility Study Report WORKED EXAMPLE Completed example of the Feasibility Study Report.  
Type Name Description Size
pdfIcon Guideline for Stakeholder Engagement Describe how project managers should involve stakeholders in the project 259KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Feasibility Study Advice on undertaking a Feasibility Study 162KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Field Work Advice on safely and effectively carrying out tasks in the field 344KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Biosecurity Advice on planning and implementing biosecurity for project sites 349KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Non-Target Species Provide information on what to consider when working on project sites that also have non-target species present 185KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Managing Environmental Effects Advice to help you evaluate the actual or potential effects your proposed operation may have on the environment and the ways in which any adverse or negative effects (often referred to as risks) may be reduced or eliminated 177KB
pdfIcon Guidelines for Project Managers Describe project management skills and techniques needed to successfully run a project 450KB
pdfIcon Guideline for Consents and Permits Advice on securing legal consents and other permits to undertake operations on project sites 135KB
Further Infromation
Tyep Name Description Size
pdfIcon Feasibility Study for the Management of Invasive Plants within a Proposed Protection Area, Olum Watershed, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia A feasibility study that was carried out by KCSO and PII in 2012 in Kosrae, FSM 2MB
pdfIcon The Restoration and Conservation of Remnant Native Forest on Maraeti'a Plateau, Punaruu Valley, Tahiti, French Polynesia A feasbility study that was carried out by Te Rau Ati Ati and PII in 2012 in Tahiti, French Polynesia 3MB