The Project Process Overview

As each funding organisation will have a different application process, the PII Project Process and this Resource Kit have been designed to be independent of a particular funding approach, yet sufficiently flexible to fit any funding application need.

Each of the key project documents is designed to be used by an implementing agency in support of a funding application. We would expect the funding agency to also require applicants to complete its own funder-specific application documents.

It is important to remember that very few invasive plant management projects will be eradication projects that can be completed in a short time. New incursions and small populations may be able to be planned as eradications, but most projects will be long-term control ones.

This will require a long-term funding commitment after the initial treatment and will probably mean that governments will have to commit funds to the project. This area of project funding needs to be fully explored during the Project Selection and Feasibility Study Stages. Does it make sense to start a project that will not receive sufficient long-term funding?

Funders also have different project funding models, i.e. funding of different stages together or separately. The six-stage approach of the PII Project Process allows it to be applied to any funding model.

Typical funding models include:

  • Funding an entire project from idea to completion in one go (Project Selection to Sustaining the Project)
Funding 1

  • Funding the Project Selection and Feasibility Study stages, followed by funding the Project Design to Sustaining the Project stages. 
Funding 2Funding 3

  • Funding the Project Selection to the Project Design stages, followed by funding the Operational Planning to Sustaining the Project stages. 

Funding 4Funding 5