This table details the biosecurity actions that occur throughout the project process starting at Stage 2. (help with planning for biosecurity can be found in the Guideline for Biosecurity and Guideline for Stakeholder Engagement).
Project Process Stage Project Process Step Project Document Section Biosecurity Action
Stage 2. Feasibility Study STEP 2.5 Start the Can it be done? Section Feasibility Study Report
5.2 Sustainable section
Ask is the operation sustainable? Can re-invasion be prevented if the target is eradication? Or can the target species be kept to the level required if the management strategy is control.
  STEP 2.6 Complete the Site Visit Biosecurity Assessment   Plan prevention for site visit
  STEP 2.7 Visit the Site and Update the Can It Be Done? Section Feasibility Study Report
5.2 Sustainable section
Appendix: site visit
Implement site visit prevention.
Ask is the operation sustainable?
Stage 3. Project Design STEP 3.9 Estimate the Project Costs Project Plan
10 Project Costs section
Estimate Biosecurity costs
Stage 4. Operational Planning STEP 4.1 Identify Stakeholders Operational Plan Decide and plan the consultation required for writing the Biosecurity Plan
  STEP 4.9 Plan the biosecurity Biosecurity Plan Plan the work required for prevention, surveillance and response
Stage 5. Implementation STEP 5.2 Implement Biosecurity Prevention   Ensure prevention measures are implemented.
  STEP 5.3 Train the Team   Train the team
  STEP 5.5 Source the Equipment   Get the equipment
Stage 6. Sustaining the Project STEP 6.2 Continue Biosecurity Prevention   Continue to ensure prevention measures are implemented
  STEP 6.3 Maintain incursion capability   Prepare the incursion response
  STEP 6.4 Continue biosecurity surveillance   On site surveillance
  STEP 6.5 Respond to possible incursions   Respond to incursion
  STEP 6.7 Complete on-going reporting   Reporting any incursions